United chairman shares about life on and off the football field

Dawn and James.

As we wait for the return of football, we continue to interview Ossett United players, volunteers and club officials.

United Chairman James Rogers has spared some time to answer a few questions about how his interest in the game formed and a bit about life away from Ingfield.

James, can you remember the first game you went to? I’m told my Great Grandad took me to my first Leeds game when I was just six months old. The first game I went to under my own steam was Leeds v Huddersfield Town in the League Cup in 1982. Leeds lost 1-0 but to be there in the kop with my mates for the first time was an occasion I will never forget.

And the last one (not counting Ossett United)? By a very strange coincidence the last game I attended was also a Leeds v Huddersfield Town game in March. This time Leeds ran out well deserved 2-0 winners.

What’s your favourite food/drink? That’s easy, my homemade and very spicy chilli con carne and a bottle of red wine.

What’s your favourite holiday destination? I have many favourites - give me sun, food and beer or wine and I’m happy wherever I am in the world.

When restrictions are lifted, where’s the first place you would go to and with whom? That’s easy, Cheltenham racecourse with my wife Dawn.

__Time to dream now, what would be your walk-on tune if you were in the OUFC squad? Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

What, for you, is the best thing about Ossett? Ingfield.

Can you tell us who you look up to most in life and why? My Mum. She did everything she could for me and my sister until her early passing at the tender age of 46. Whilst I’ve not been able to speak to her now for 27 years, she is still someone I look up to and I hope I am making her proud.

Finally, any message for the OUFC faithful during these strange and testing times? It’s tough for everyone at the minute so let’s all support one another and stick together and get through this - stronger together!

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