Council results reflect national outcome

Darren Byford (left) was voted in to remain the Horbury & South Ossett Councillor.

Labour’s Darren Byford has been returned as Horbury and South Ossett Ward Councillor by just 161 votes, while Lyn Mastermann was replaced by Tory Tony Homewood with 2,395 votes in Ossett.

The result reflects the overall pattern at Wakefield Council.

Labour still retains majority, but the Conservatives have made significant gains to reduce this. Labour holds 11 of the 18 seats they were defending.

They gained two seats from vacancies: one held by an independent, another previously held by Labour.

They lost six seats to the Conservatives, who held both the seats they were defending.

The Liberal Democrats gained one seat from Labour.The make-up of the Council is as follows: Labour 42 seats, Conservative 18 seats, Liberal Democrats two seats.

Mr Byford’s campaign focused on local issues that directly affect Horbury and South Ossett residents.

“It was a positive campaign showing what we as a community can achieve. It was based on achievements not negativity,” he said.

Since being first elected in May 2016, Mr Byford has worked with community groups to deliver change.

“There is an amazing community spirit in Horbury and South Ossett and I have been able to offer them help and support,” he said.

Mr Byford hopes to deliver “more of the same” from “listening, understanding and then getting on with it.”

Horbury’s Conservative John Allum received 2070 votes, with Liberal Mark Goodair obtaining 174 and Green Richard Norris gaining 159.

Conservative Tony Homewood took away over half the vote in Ossett with 2395 votes, outgoing Councillor Lyn Mastermann received 1729, Green Stephen Scott 220 and Liberal Malcolm Pollack 110.

The voting count at Thorne’s Park Stadium in Wakefield went way into the early hours on Saturday, taking 15 hours with our Wards being some of the earlier decisions.

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