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Complaint Resolution Process

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Complaint Resolution Principles

When engaging in complaint resolution all staff, management and executives will be expected to meet their role requirements of following all policies, procedures and legal obligations while representing the business. These requirements and principles include, but are not limited to…

  • Following best practice communication standards of engaging with fellow employees, customers and community members with warmth and empathy
  • Practicing non-defensive, astute, creative, decisive, firm and resilience responses to complaints
  • Proactively seek editorial review from a colleague, editor, manager or executive before responding to the complainant
  • Maintain transparent, accurate, trackable records by utilising the approved recording process and systems
  • Respond to the complainant in a timely manner (within 24 hours of complaint being received)

Roundbox Media will:

  • Provide templates, processes and procedures to staff and management to resolve complaints effectively
  • Provide ongoing training and feedback on complaint resolution
  • Follow all legislative and best practice methodology to resolve any complaints
  • Continue to evolve and improve their resolution practices based on risk assessment and feedback
  • Regularly analyse complaint data to identify trends or opportunities to improve work processes
  • Provide annual reports on complaints received and resolved to monitor and improve work processes and track community interaction


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Phone: 07494903458



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